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[6] Tiger WoodsJust like us, Tiger Woods is really looking forward to what 2015 might hold in store. He says he cannot wait for 2015 to begin and expressed "incredible relief" at finally being over the back injury problems that have plagued him in recent years.

Giles Morgan, the head of sponsorship for HSBC, one of golf’s biggest sponsors, has said that golf needs to take a leaf out of cricket’s book and radically rethink its format to attract young players into the amateur game. He spoke about the ever-increasing rates of change in the modern world and expressed his doubt as to whether golf had done anywhere near enough to keep pace with that change. Alluding to the success story ofTwenty20 cricket, both in terms of its general appeal and in attracting a whole new generation of younger players into the game, he said that there is room in the calendar for new faster formats. “I think time and format are the sort of things that can be looked at relatively easily, that could preserve all of the greatness of the game, but make it a bit more rapid for people’s consumption.”

Miguel Angel JimenezIf you think Miguel Angel Jimenez’s love affair with Cuban cigars and Rioja make him a talisman for lazy golfers who see no need for any kind of conditioning work in order to play great golf, then think again. Whilst the fun-loving Spaniard enjoys life and his golf to the full – he once commented, “I give all my life to golf, and golf gives me all my life.” – he nonetheless recognizes the need to keep himself golf fit and puts in his fair share of hours spent in the gym. We’ve all seen his unique stretching routine, but his gym workout is just as idiosyncratic! Enjoy finding out more by clicking on these two links: