Nick Harrison

Nick Harrison

“On behalf of Rod and myself, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you into the Fitter Golfers community and express my sincere hope that you not only enjoy browsing our website, but also make practical use of the fantastic resources that we offer. May I wish you every success as you embark on what I am sure will prove to be an exciting and rewarding journey of sustained game improvement.” – Nick Harrison (CEO at Fitter Golfers)

At Fitter Golfers our mission is clear and straightforward. It is to help all our golfers, no matter whether they are young or old, male or female, new to the game or experienced players, low, mid or high handicappers to play better for longer, feel and look fitter, and get even more enjoyment from the game.

Click on the video links below to learn a lot more about us and what we can offer you:

Dr Rod Dunn

Dr Rod Dunn

Common Mistakes

Promotional Video 1

Watch the first of these short videos to learn about the mistakes most golfers make when trying to improve their game and how you can avoid them…

Transform Your Game

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Learn how a day spent at The Belfry, with the guys from the European Tour Performance Institute, led to the creation of Fitter Golfers and just how we can help you to transform

Optimize Performance

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Click on this link to learn about the only realistic way to optimise golf performance. Discover that you can get your body golf fit for less than the cost of a single lesson. So that, when you take lessons, you will be sure to maximize the benefits you get

Conditioning & Technique

Promotional Video 4

Our final video reveals that the top pros consider working on their physical ability to be just as important as honing their technique. We also reveal how we can help you to improve your golf game, whatever your current level of ability...