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Good golfing posture is a pre-requisite for playing great golf. You need to achieve good posture at address, before you work to maintain posture during your swing.

The most common challenge facing middle-aged golfers is posed by poor posture. If your posture isn’t good, you’ll find it almost impossible to achieve a good set-up at address. It will inhibit your rotation and, importantly, as a consequence, your power. For your body to move at its most efficient, your spine must be ‘in neutral’ and that involves proper alignment of both the pelvis and shoulder girdle. We show you how to align all your joints correctly to optimize efficiency and provide maximum stability for a balanced and powerful golf swing.

We will show you how to avoid the two most common postural faults, which restrict the spine’s range of motion, inhibit your coil, shift your centre of gravity and make it difficult to stay balanced, limit power production and increase your risk of lower back injury.