Watch this short opening clip from the video:

Ankle mobility is vital for a fluid, well-balanced swing. What happens in our feet affects every other body part and good ‘grounding’ is imperative if the golfer is to make full use of ground reaction force to generate maximum power.

With stiff ankles, you will never be dynamically balanced nor athletically stable. Without the requisite combination of ankle strength and flexibility, your knees cannot be properly ‘loaded’ and will not keep your hips stable. You cannot push your weight toward the target and ‘roll’ your ankles correctly to drive your hip shift – a movement that allows the trail shoulder drop down under the chin and keeps the arms on the correct path.

The trail heel will lift prematurely, forcing the knee to move towards the ball and shifting the weight towards the toes instead of the target. It also makes the trail shoulder move outwards, causing an over the top downswing. Inevitably you’ll suffer impaired rotation and reduced torque – costing you dearly in terms of both power and accuracy.