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Good balance is crucial for a consistent swing. We explain why it’s important, why it can be elusive, and how you can improve it. We explain how the exercises relate to good technique. We cover how the body’s centre of gravity never moves further forward than a point in line with the ball of the foot or further back than its central arch and how the distribution of weight shifts both laterally, between the feet, and forward and backward along them. We explain why balance is inextricably linked to good tempo, which is best achieved when the kinetic chain is used appropriately and the torso drives the swing; and why, if the golfer allows the arms to dominate, this can precipitate lateral sway of the hips, as opposed to proper rotation, and potentially result in loss of balance. The exercises in this video will improve your balance and rhythm, and therefore your ability to sequence your body motion and make proper use of the kinetic chain, so that you arrive at impact with optimal leverage and power.