Watch this short opening clip from the video:

The hips and lumbar spine are physically connected, making hip mobility vital for golf. This video places emphasis on rotational mobility that’s such an important requirement for the separation of the upper and lower body demanded by a powerful golf swing.

Maintaining full range of motion in your hips is crucial if you are to avoid compensatory movement patterns that will increase your risk not only of poor golf shots, but of lower back pain and eventual injury.

Perform this set of exercises regularly and you’ll soon notice improvements in your separation of upper and lower body that will allow you to generate maximum torque in your backswing, which can then be translated into a powerful downswing with optimal club head speed.

If you’re hungry for even more distance off the tee and fairway, then also undertake our hip strengthening programme. You’ll acquire a combination of hip strength and flexibility that will undoubtedly increase the speed of your hip rotation, for even more club head speed.