Watch this short opening clip from the video:

Research suggests an interesting relationship: as hip strength increases, so handicap proportionally decreases. While this video places emphasis on hip rotation, it does not neglect hip stability, which is vital for a repeatable, consistent swing.

Importantly, every joint that allows for mobility is equipped with stabilizers that control motion. Obviously these muscles need to be strong enough to do their job. The body is reactionary. Any deficiency triggers compensations along the kinetic chain.

Trying to load a weak trail hip typically causes excessive internal rotation and adduction of that hip, perhaps a pelvic shift towards it, elevation on that side and lateral bending of the torso towards the target in a desperate effort to maintain balance. A reverse pivot!

To neutralize these effects, we recognize the importance of working on segmental alignment of the hip and pelvis and strengthening the stabilizers, before proceeding to focus on the primary ‘movers and shakers’.