How Fitter Golfers will help you is set out clearly and methodically in the following paragraphs.

Assessing your present fitness level and following an appropriate conditioning programme to redress any weaknesses is vital for improving your golf performance and enjoyment.

Our free self-assessment screening enables you to identify the areas in which you need to improve your body’s fitness for purpose and its ability to allow you to perform a good golf swing.

If you have difficulty reaching a swing position, before turning to various drills to try to correct the problem, you should identify the specific part of your body that is restricting you. For example, your backswing might be limited by tight shoulder muscles, a lack of hip mobility, poor separation of the upper and lower body, or perhaps tightness in the upper back or neck muscles.

We offer a modular series of golf specific conditioning programmes that will improve your posture and balance and increase joint stability and mobility in the key areas by increasing the strength and flexibility of the attached musculature.

Athletic BalanceThe golf swing requires a balance between mobility and stability. Strong muscles are required for maintaining good posture and balance and achieving a consistent swing, while improving muscle flexibility and enhancing joint mobility will lengthen your swing and increase club head speed.

Golf is an asymmetrical game and playing it can cause muscular imbalances that may impair performance and cause injury. A good conditioning programme is vital to re-establish and retain muscular balance. 

As we grow older, our balance systems become less effective. From the age of forty, we should all make better balance an essential element of our conditioning work.

Improved physical fitness is important. It enhances performance, and both reduces the risk of, and promotes speedier recovery from, injury.

Fitter Golfers will eventually offer foundation, intermediate and advanced programmes to accommodate all your golf conditioning needs, whatever your level of ability.

A consistently good golf swing is the product of an athletic body with good postural alignment, well-developed proprioception and good technique. Fitter golfers will help you to achieve the first two, and although in all our videos we explain in detail how our exercises link to correct golfing technique and swing movements, we always recommend that you combine your Fitter Golfers conditioning work with technical coaching from a PGA teaching professional. To help you with this, we intend to compile a directory with contact details of teaching professionals working in partnership with us.