We want you to get the maximum return from your investment with us here at Fitter Golfers, so we’ve put together some suggestions for how to use our videos to best advantage in order to optimise the benefits you derive from them.

  • Watch the entire video through once first in order to get an idea of the space you will need to allow you to perform all the exercises contained in the video without any restrictions on your movement

  • Look at the list of equipment required for the video you will be using and make sure that you have what you will need readily available to you before you begin. That way you will avoid any frustrating delays

  • While we have done all that we can to minimise any risk of injury when performing our programmes, it is impossible with any exercise programme to provide a cast-iron guarantee that you will never so much as strain a muscle! It is therefore important that you are sensible in the way that you approach your conditioning work

  • DoctorIf you have any health issues, have never previously done any exercise work, or are advanced in years, then it is probably advisable to consult your doctor before proceeding with any exercise programme

  • Also, before you begin, make sure that you have read our disclaimer, which explains that Fitter Golfers does not accept any responsibility for accidental damage or injuries sustained while doing any of our conditioning programmes

  • Be advised that when we mention lengths of hold and numbers of reps these are intended as targets you should be aiming for. It may well be that you need to build up to them gradually. ALWAYS LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR BODY IS TELLING YOU. If you experience anything above mild discomfort, immediately ease back, or stop completely if you feel the need

  • As you watch your video, it will quickly become obvious that we do not show the full number of reps or the full duration of hold in our demonstrations. [This is to restrict the length of videos for downloading reasons]. You will therefore need to watch the demo and then pause the video while you perform the exercise

  • Make sure that you download and use our free ‘Pre-exercise Warm-Up’ before you start to ensure that your body is properly prepared for what you are about to do. That way you will minimise your risk of muscle strains etc.

  • When you have completed the exercises contained in your video, we also strongly recommend that you use our free ‘Post-exercise Warm-Down’

  • Be aware that it is not always necessary to perform every exercise sequentially as they appear in the video. In some cases we present you with a progression of exercises. In such cases, we recommend that you initially work your way through the progression starting with the first exercise. When you arrive at the exercise which seems to offer an appropriate level of challenge that should be your point of entry into the progression when you next do the programme, so that you start with the exercise that just tests you (until you improve and can move to the next exercise).

Laying Firm Foundations

    • As when building a house it is essential to first lay rock solid foundations. We strongly recommend that you do likewise. When setting out on any of our exercise programmes, we would always advise that you explore the relevant foundation level module first, before attempting the intermediate programme


  • Our programmes are extremely thorough and aim to achieve comprehensive coverage of their ‘topic’ area. Depending on your experience and level of fitness, it might not always be necessary to complete every exercise contained in a video. The fitter, more experienced golfer should feel able to tailor a programme to suit his or her personal needs at any given moment. The important thing is to be entirely honest with yourself at all times. Remember, the only person you can cheat is yourself!

  • Golf is an asymmetrical game. Over time, just playing it will create imbalances in your musculature. It is important, therefore, when using our programmes that you note any such imbalances, either in strength or range of movement, that become evident during the performance of an exercise and that you are proactive in redressing deficiencies and restoring balance to the relevant muscles.

  • Always remember that any strengthening programme will have the knock-on effect of reducing flexibility in the muscles being worked, unless, that is, you combine it with a stretching programme for those same muscles. So, when working to strengthen a particular area, our advice is that you always download the corresponding mobility and flexibility video and alternate between the two. To help with this we offer the two videos as a package at a discounted price, so check it out on the website.

Medical Disclaimer

Please be advised that there are inherent risks involved in participating in any exercise programme and the user releases fittergolfers.com and all parties involved in the distribution of the information contained herein from liability. By using any information provided by fittergolfers.com, the user is assuming all risks of injury that might result. fittergolfers.com, its employees and instructors shall not be liable for any claims for injuries or damages whatsoever, resulting from or connected with the use of this site. You are advised to seek the advice of your doctor before beginning any exercise programme in order to determine if is appropriate for you. This is particularly true if you, or any family members, have a history of high blood pressure or heart disease, or if you have ever experienced chest pain while exercising, smoke, have high cholesterol, or have a bone or joint condition that could be worsened by exercising. Do not use Fitter Golfers Programmes if your doctor, or any other health care provider, advises against it. As with any exercise programme, if at any point during your workout you feel faint, dizzy, or have physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and if you deem it appropriate consult your doctor.