We believe that there are strong links between conditioning and instruction - i.e. between physical and technical ability. As a direct consequence, although we are in business expressly to provide golf conditioning rather than golf instruction, we take great care in all our videos to explain in detail how our exercises link to correct golfing technique and swing movements.We offer a unique blend of golf-specific exercises and drills - of fitness and technique.

We explain how the muscles are required to function in each phase of the swing and how a lack of strength or flexibility in any of the muscles involved will impact on your swing, with our PGA professional demonstrating the swing faults that can occur. Furthermore, we explain how each exercise can help to improve your swing and our professional demonstrates how the benefits facilitate good swing technique.

We are conviced that the correct sequential combination of physical conditioning and technical skills coaching is vital for effective game improvement and that golfers only maximise their benefit from lessons if their body is freely able to accommodate the improved swing positions and movement patterns being recommended to them.

Therefore, if you follow our programme, when you take lessons, you will likewise be more familiar with, and much better able to assume, the positions and techniques that your local PGA teaching professional would like to see from you. In this way, you are far more likely to reap the full benefit of any instruction you receive and get a better return on the time and money that you invest.

PartnershipWe see ourselves as working in partnership with PGA teaching professionals to offer the complete golf-improvement package in which the inextricable link between physical and technical ability is both understood and developed.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you every success in achieving your golf improvement goals.