The better we play a sport, the more we enjoy it! And golf is no exception! No matter whether young or old, male or female, high or low handicapper, we ALL want to play better golf and improve our game. The 64 million dollar question is: how best to go about it?

Senior Pair

Over 90 and she's still playing golf

Product advertising would have us believe the answer lies in their latest clubs, their latest balls etc. – all claiming they will enable us to hit it further and straighter.  Others tell us that our salvation lies in their latest improvement aids – most of which seem to offer miraculous solutions. The club professional will try to convince you that your best bet is to have lessons. So, who is right?

[29] Rory McIlroy

Well, just ask yourself this – if it really is a simple matter of having the best equipment and the best tuition, why have the world’s best players, who already have both, turned to exercise programmes as the way to improve performance?

Tiger was the first to commit to an exercise programme to improve his flexibility and strength and, as a result, rose to stand head and shoulders above all his competitors. How did they then narrow the gap and some even overtake him? They too began golf specific exercise programmes.

Now ask yourself this – why does the European Tour operate screening programmes for elite golfers? Why bother to employ teams of experts to assess each golfer’s physical performance and then create individual exercise programmes for them to follow? The answer is simple – it is because they know that it is the way to optimise performance and to reduce the risk of injury.

They know that unless a golfer’s body is strong enough and flexible enough to get into the athletic positions that a good golf swing (and therefore their coach) demands, he or she will never optimise performance. Research has shown that by performing regular golf specific exercises players can reduce their handicap by an average of 7 shots in a matter of a few months.

So, before you spend money on lessons with your local professional, spend time and money at the driving range grooving your swing flaws, or dip deep into your wallet for the latest driver, STOP FOR A MOMENT AND THINK… Then take a look at what fittergolfers.com can offer you – for a fraction of the price!!!