Watch this short opening clip from the video:

The shoulders are linked with both the trunk and the arms and in the golf swing they transfer energy up through the body’s kinetic chain and out to your arms, hands and club. Any lack of flexibility reduces the efficiency of that transfer. (43)

In the backswing, your rotator cuff and shoulder blade muscles must work to enable you to complete your shoulder turn and elevate your arms to achieve a powerful ‘on plane’ position at the top. Furthermore, you need strength and flexibility in your rotator cuff muscles for a powerful and fluid shoulder turn in the downswing through to impact. (101)

Any tightness in your shoulder rotators, especially your external rotators, will inhibit your acceleration into impact and the fluidity of your follow through. The golf swing requires an extreme range of shoulder motion that goes way beyond our everyday movement patterns and most golfers will benefit from the exercises in this video.

Perform this set of golf specific exercises regularly and you’ll soon notice improvements in your shoulder mobility, which will undoubtedly benefit your golf swing. (177)

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