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The shoulder girdle’s position in the kinetic chain means that it transfers energy from your trunk to your arms, hands and club. Any deficiency here means energy will be leaked and power lost. The shoulder is an unstable joint, so it demands higher than average levels of dynamic stability, which your shoulder girdle must provide.

Every golfer needs sufficient strength in the muscles that stabilize the shoulders to provide a stable base from which the arm can act as an effective lever. To stabilize any joint its agonist and antagonist muscles must exert an equal pulling force, so it is vital that you correct any imbalances in the relative strength of the muscles surrounding your shoulder girdle.

Most people have rounded shoulders, consequently, because we hold a golf club out in front of us at around waist level, most golfers have a protracted shoulder girdle at address, which makes it impossible to achieve the external rotation, elevation and efficient leverage that a good golf swing requires.

Our exercises will improve shoulder stability and rotation. The more efficient transfer of energy will mean more power and greater accuracy.