StreetGolf logo  StreetGames logo      Golf Foundation logoStreetGolf is a fun and engaging golfing activity designed by StreetGames and The Golf Foundation

StreetGolf 1 StreetGolf 2The StreetGolf format aims to bring golf to young people, regardless of their access to traditional facilities and is ideal for use in an urban/inner city environment.  Young people are encouraged to make innovative use of everyday equipment to make sessions different, challenging and enjoyable.

The UK’s fastest growing sport, FootGolf, is making its presence felt with a spate of new courses opening.

FootGolf 1This latest sporting craze (which, yes you’ve guessed it, has previously taken America by storm) is, as its name implies, a cross between football and golf.

UK promoters have claimed to be “gobsmacked” by the amount of interest already shown in the sport and this level of enthusiasm seems to be reflected by these local launches, which have consistently reported “huge, overwhelming” responses. Everyone, it seems, thinks it’s fantastic.”FootGolf 2

Football is the nation’s number one sport and large numbers of professional footballers over the years have played golf in their leisure time, so an association between the two games is nothing new. However, the dynamic, hybrid sport that is Footgolf definitely is a brand new phenomenon. If it proves to be more than a passing craze, could the upsurge of interest and participation in this new sport, if you will pardon the pun, kick-start an upsurge of interest in the traditional game itself, at a time when golf participation is in national decline?

Fed up with the dark, cold winter days stopping you from playing golf? Could the solution to your problem be NightGolf?

NightGolfYou will be entranced by fairways that replicate runways and greens encircled with lights and pin placements marked by illuminated flags. You will tee off from illuminated tees using special golf balls containing LED lights that explode with colour when you hit them, enabling you to track the whole flight of your ball through the air, as if you’re watching a shooting star. All this combines to ensure a visually stunning golfing experience.