The following information is designed to help you find your personal starting point – the one which will best serve your ambitions for golf and/or health improvement.

Foundation Level

As its name implies, the Foundation Level set of videos constitutes a comprehensive programme of basic, golf specific conditioning exercises designed to provide all golfers with the solid physical foundations upon which a consistent, repeatable and high quality golf swing can be built.

The Programme is modular thus enabling golfers, having undertaken our comprehensive self-assessment tests, to design their personal golf improvement package by purchasing those modules that address the specific areas and weaknesses highlighted by their test results.

BeginnerIt provides the perfect starting point for both beginners and higher-handicap players, who want either (i) to get themselves sufficiently golf fit so that their body will permit them to play well enough to really enjoy their rounds rather than be frustrated by them or (ii) to improve their fitness for golf in order to play more, for longer, and to remain injury free.

We recommend that even the better-than-average golfer begins with the Foundation Level conditioning programme, before progressing to the Intermediate Level in order to ensure that, in accordance with all building instruction, they too are building their game improvement on firm foundations that will never let them down.

In either case, the Foundation Level Programme will prepare a golfer physically and condition them so that their body will allow them to assume the key swing positions and utilise the good technique recommended to them by their PGA Teaching Professional if and when they take golf lessons (which we always recommend).

Amelia Earhart Center Golf TournamentAlso, because it contains modules that focus on improving flexibility, balance, and leg strength our Foundation Level Programme can be used selectively by anyone, golfers and non-golfers alike, to keep themselves fit and active in their senior years.

Please note that all Foundation Level exercises have been designed to be suitable for performance in your own home and without any need to purchase exercise equipment.

Intermediate Level

Better-than-average GolferOur Intermediate Level Programme is specifically designed for mid- to low-handicap golfers who harbour serious game improvement ambitions and simply want to play the best golf they can, or those who perhaps want to play competitive golf either at club or representative level with increased chances of success.

The Intermediate Level is a more intensive, highly focused conditioning programme, which recognizes that we place different demands on different joints and muscles at different points in the swing. With reference to biomechanical analysis, we identify the exact demands made on each active muscle at each phase in the swing and provide you with highly golf specific exercise-cum-drills that condition the muscles involved and enable them to perform their various functions with optimal efficiency.

Please note that all our Intermediate Level exercises have been designed to be suitable for performance in your own home and, the vast majority, without the need to purchase exercise equipment other than very basic items like resistance bands etc. Wherever possible we give advice on suitable alternatives that can be found, or fashioned out of items that can be found, in most households.

Advanced Level

It is our intention, at some point in the future, to provide a third tier, an Advanced Level Programme which will cater specifically for the competitive golfer.