Leg Actoion

While the hips and legs produce most of the power in the golf swing, momentum must be transferred, through a stable trunk, out to the arms, hands and club. A powerful swing requires good strength in, and proper co-ordination of, the major muscles in all three body segments.

Most golfers know an integrated, multi-joint strengthening programme is needed, but two further vitally important considerations must be factored in:

  • any strengthening programme, over time, shortens the muscles being targeted and reduces mobility/flexibility
  • golf is an asymmetrical game in which the lead side of the body is used differently than the trail side and this can lead to postural imbalances that can both impair performance and cause injury

This means that a good conditioning programme should: Balanced Programme

  • balance strength and flexibility training
  • promote front-to-back and left-to-right body balance