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Flexibility in the thoracic spine is one of the most important mobility factors in golf. Without it, you will be unable to complete a full shoulder turn back and through. The problem is that, if you try to compensate by hyper-extending your shoulders, wrists and lower back, you dramatically increase your risk of injury.

Many golfers, with restricted mobility in their thoracic spine, suffer from the dreaded reverse-tilt. Trying to rotate beyond their stretch threshold pulls the upper body back toward the target. Often outside and above the correct swing plane, they frequently suffer from an over-the-top downswing and a highly destructive slice.

Doing these exercises regularly will improve mobility in your upper back. You will generate more width in your backswing, achieve a full shoulder turn and get the club shaft much closer to parallel ‘at the top’. You will also notice that you can swing through to a full finish and stay balanced as you do so.