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Strengthening the muscles that stabilize your trunk is the key to optimising your golf performance. To ensure maximum stability and load capacity, important for a balanced and powerful swing all your spinal joints must be correctly aligned and your spine stabilized in its ‘neutral’ position. We begin by teaching you how to align your pelvis and lumbar spine correctly and to use minimum muscular effort when bracing to stabilize your spine efficiently during the swing. This enables you to support the forces generated by your legs and arms, without losing your spine angle, and transfer those forces along the kinetic chain to the clubhead, without any loss of power.

We place great emphasis on enhancing spine health. Our exercises draw on the latest scientific knowledge of how the spine works. They will spare your spine from undue stress, enhance your motor control system and the musculature in your trunk to ensure that spinal stability is maintained.

Performing these exercises will give you a stable fulcrum for controlled and powerful rotation, enabling you to swing powerfully, with minimal effort, while remaining perfectly balanced for more distance with greater accuracy