Nick Harrison


When young, I was a decent club golfer with time on my hands, so I played and practised regularly and quickly became a keen student of golf swing technique (and, more recently, its biomechanics).

In 1996, eager to pass on my knowledge to others, I took a course, run by the PGA and British Golf Foundation, and qualified to teach golf. Since then I have really enjoyed the many coaching opportunities presented to me: especially when working with young golfers, keen to develop their game.

Several years ago, however, a neck and shoulder problem put me out of action for a while. When finally the injury healed, I knew that, to play well again, I would need to regain at least some of the mobility and flexibility that I had lost.

I was amazed to discover that no coherent, developmental programme of exercises for golf fitness was readily available – not one that began at a basic level and progressed through an intermediate stage to an advanced programme for the serious golfer.

I knew my situation was in no way unique. There were undoubtedly huge numbers of golfers, both male and female, who would like nothing better than to improve their performance and ensure that their playing careers extended well into their retirement years.

Accordingly I set about developing a comprehensive conditioning programme for golfers that was both inexpensive and freely available. A programme that would help others to make the most of their game, maximise their enjoyment and extend their golfing life. A programme that was both medically sound and specific to correct golf technique.

So, I shared my thoughts with Doctor Dunn at Cambs Therapy. Much to my delight, Rod was keen to get involved and he and I set out on an extensive research and exercise development programme. Fitter Golfers was born.

 Dr. Rod Dunn


Love of sport has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember. Starting off as a youngster doing all sports: boxing, football, rugby, golf, swimming and running, I eventually concentrated on athletics and spent many years first as a track athlete and then as a coach – an experience that has given me a real understanding of the trials and tribulations associated with sports injuries.

It seemed a natural progression to become involved with treating athletes, and so I embarked on a very different training programme. First, I studied at the University of Essex, where I gained a Doctorate in Biology. I formally qualified as a soft tissue therapist at the London School of Sports Massage and was then lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend time training, working and eventually teaching with one of the world's leading soft tissue therapists, Dr Craig Benedict at his Cambridge clinic – even helping him to develop his specialism: Clinical Sports Massage techniques.

I have now been a full-time therapist for almost 20 years. During that time I have numbered amongst my patients a host of sportsmen and women, both professional and amateur, from a wide range of sports, including, of course, many golfers.

When Nick shared his thoughts about devising a comprehensive golf conditioning programme with me I was delighted to take up his offer of working with him to develop Fitter Golfers.

If you would like to contact me at either of my two clinics in Cambridge and Peterborough then click on the following link.