No-one becomes a better golfer without first becoming a better ‘athlete’. It’s the fastest, most effective way to transform your golf.

Don’t believe the hype… take note of the research. Statistics show that over 95% of golfers don’t improve after their first 3 years of playing. ‘Quick fix’ swing tips don’t bring lasting improvement; most golf aids are little more than gimmicks; too many golfers waste time and money at the driving range just grooving their swing flaws; and most golfers don’t fully benefit from lessons with a PGA professional, because their body doesn’t allow them to assume correct positions with any degree of freedom.

In contrast, research has shown that following an exercise programme can knock up to 7 shots off your handicap within a few months! There is a revolution going on in the game of golf – functional fitness is the name of the game.

The better we play a sport, the more we enjoy it! And golf is no exception!

[6] Tiger Woods

"I'm alwayst trying to improve my conditioning...It's as important to my training as practising my swing"- Tiger Woods

What Makes Fitter Golfers Unique

  • We provide a comprehensive set of tests for all the relevant muscles used in the golf swing, a chart on which to record your results that contains a set of norms against which you can measure your performance and pinpoint where any potential problems lie

  • We provide comprehensive programmes of conditioning exercises and drills, broken down into modules and levels, so that you can easily select the modules that best suit your individual needs at any given time

  • We offer a unique blend of golf-specific exercises and drills – of fitness and technique

  • We explain how the muscles are required to function in each phase of the golf swing and how a lack of strength or flexibility in any of the muscles involved will impact on your swing. A PGA professional even demonstrates the swing faults that can occur

  • We also explain how each exercise can help to improve your swing and a PGA professional demonstrates how the benefits facilitate good swing technique

  • The 3 Levels mean that our programmes are progressive – each subsequent level building on what has gone before – to provide you with a truly developmental programme that has the potential to take you from the humblest of beginnings to performance levels that will be the envy of partners and opponents alike

At Fitter Golfers, we like to think that our programme is better than most. So, join the revolution now! Take our comprehensive self-assessment tests (both videos are FREE to download), identify your areas for improvement and set about building your personal programme for game improvement!