This Step-by-step Guide to Game Improvement has been designed to help you to use your Fitter Golfers resources to maximun effect and accelerate your game improvement efforts.

  • Download and print the appropriate form for the set of tests you are planning to do on which you can log your test results and compare them against the benchmark norms provided  Lower Body and Upper Body self-assessment formsUpper-Body-Self-assessment-Form
  • Take a look at the Equipment Lists page and make a note of any equipment you will need (e.g. tape measure, kitchen timer etc.)
  • Do each test, logging your results as you go and ticking either the ‘satisfactory’ or ‘needs improvement’ box
  • When you have completed all the tests in both videos, go through your result logs identifying and highlighting any areas of your body where functionality needs to be improved
  • Make a special note, where appropriate, of any imbalances in performance between the left and right side of your body. It is important that you achieve a balanced musculature, so any such imbalances will need to be targeted and corrected when you begin your golf fitness conditioning programme.
  • Purchase and watch videos which target the body areas and/or type of weakness (mobility, strength, balance, posture) you have previously identified in order to build your personal golf-fitness programme Foundation Level videos
  • Undertake your personal programme
  • After an appropriate time period, re-take the tests and measure the extent of the progress you have made
  • If necessary, repeat the above process until your results indicate that you meet all the benchmark standards of golf fitness

Ankle Plantar Flexion and Norms Table
Chair Stand Test