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Two-thirds of club golfers lose posture during their swing. This video explains what that means, why it’s so common and so destructive, and what you can do to prevent it.

Loss of posture occurs when there is significant deviation from the body’s angles (typically spine angle) set at address. It’s destructive because it can affect your balance, your rhythm and timing, disrupt your swing plane, and prevent any consistency when it comes to ball-striking.

There are many reasons why golfers lose posture during their swing, but they fall into two categories. They are either the consequence of faulty technique, or lack of physical fitness for golf. For example, a huge percentage of golfers have tight calf muscles, which prevents them from keeping their heels grounded long enough, so they come up out of the shot and into early extension during the downswing. 

This video examines the physical causes and provides a programme of exercises to help prevent posture loss. All exercises are golf specific and related to correct swing mechanics. (169)