Your motivation to improve is key. How badly you want to improve, by and large, will determine both the speed and extent of the improvement that you make. Really wanting success is the pre-requisite for achieving it.

Make sure that the goals you set yourself are specific and that your expectations are realistic. If your handicap is currently 18.6, don’t expect to be playing off single figures within a couple of months! There is nothing wrong with having that as your ultimate ambition, but you should set yourself some intermediate targets to meet along the way. Then each intermediate goal that you achieve will motivate you to progress to the next one.

MindsetThe mindset with which you approach game improvement is critical to your eventual success. The time and energy that you need to devote to achieving your goals must never be thought of as a sacrifice. It should be regarded as an investment and your mind relentlessly focused on the return that your investment will yield!

So, make your sessions fun to do. Don’t allow them to become repetitive and boring. If possible, work in partnership with a friend. Introducing a competitive edge generally helps athletes (and you will need to see yourself as a golf athlete) to generate and sustain motivation!

Don’t expect success to happen overnight. You will need to face the fact that you are likely to need patience and persistence in equal measure. However, also keep it in mind that even the longest of journeys is made one step at a time and that every single step is taking you ever closer to your ultimate goal.

Steps on a JourneyThis is where Fitter Golfers can be such a great help. Using our free self-assessment videos, and logging your test results against our benchmark standards, will help you to identify exactly what you need to work on.

We provide you with a complete range of exercise programmes, which are presented in a modular format, making it easy to find the solutions to all your conditioning needs. So, you will be in a great position to decide on your priorities, break everything down into a series of short-term, achievable goals and thereby draw up your own individual improvement plan.

There really is no excuse for not taking that all-important first step and setting off on your game improvement journey. So, do it now. If you really are serious about wanting to play great golf, make that commitment. You won’t regret it, I assure you. The return on your investment will be a body that is fully fit for purpose, enabling you to optimize your performance and get even more enjoyment from this great game of ours. And that’s not all. You won’t just be improving your fitness for golf, you will also be improving your fitness for life!