Your ability to swing the golf club in a particular way is determined more than anything else by your body’s sense of balance, its stability and strength, and crucially its flexibility. Your golf swing is the result of what your body will physically permit you to do.

If you want to improve your swing, you must look beyond pure technique. If your body physically cannot freely go where you want it to, then you have no chance of achieving the improvements you are seeking. Swing drills will not change what the body is incapable of doing.

ContortionistSONY DSCYou might be very flexible in certain areas. You might be powerful in others. However, it’s no good being able to bend over backwards to touch your heels, or to press huge weights. The golf swing requires that you do neither. You need to have the strength, stability and flexibility that will enable you to move sequentially through the key positions required by the golf swing at speed while remaining in balance throughout.

Many swing faults, such as slicing, hooking, hitting it fat/thin, reverse pivot, casting etc. etc. are actually caused by physical limitations. Hovering over this page in the drop down menu will provide you with access to a subset of pages in which we examine the likely physical (golf fitness) issues causing each of these swing problems.

If you have not undertaken our self-assessment screening programme, then do so now. It will be time well spent and could make a huge difference to your game. It will give you instant feedback on any balance issues, weaknesses and inflexibilities that are adversely affecting your game. You can then tap into our on-line, golf specific conditioning modules to create your own personal programme and begin to eliminate those restrictions. Very soon playing below par could take on a whole new meaning!